What To Do When You Are Bored….

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but tbh I totally forgot. I know, but at least I’m being honest lol.

So with that being said, let’s start this blog! Today I am sharing with you guys a bunch of things to do when you are bored! I know summer is extremely fun and sometimes busy, but if you can’t drive yet (like me) and are stuck at home or if your parents are at work, you can easily get bored out of your mind. I hope this list helps you! Lets get started!


  1. Read
  2. Watch TV or movies
  3. See how flexible you are
  4. Build a fort
  5. Play a game or a sport outside
  6. Listen to music
  7. Workout or go on a walk/run
  8. Hang out with friends
  9. Draw/paint/make a craft or DIY/collage
  10. Film a video
  11. Take pictures
  12. Go on Omegle (be safe!)
  13. Walk your pet dog/rock
  14. Do nails/makeup/hair
  15. Go on Wattpad
  16. Write a story
  17. Blog
  18. Go on vine/instagram/twitter/wanelo/youtube/pinterest/tumblr
  19. Organize/clean
  20. Go online shopping
  21. Walk to the park
  22. Play truth or dare/would you rather
  23. Play games on your phone/iPad/tablet
  24. Make a list of something (snacks, recipes, ideas, etc,)
  25. Call someone
  26. Prank call someone
  27. Make a smoothie or food
  28. Play Wii or Xbox
  29. Go to the beach (or somewhere fun if you don’t live by the beach)
  30. Edit pictures/videos

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! I know some of the things I listed are more of things I like to do, (like taking pictures, editing and filming videos, writing on wattpad,) but ya know, they’re cool so I just added them haha. Leave any suggestions in the comments! Ily all!



Izzy <4


Fourth of July Outfit Ideas!

Hey guys, so today I am doing a Fourth of July themed blog! I will be showing you three different outfit ideas… and I was going to do party ideas but its getting kinda late so I thought I would just post this now! I still might do party ideas but if I do it won’ t be for a few days! Sorry!


IMG_1405This outfit is more of that “hipster” look….It portrays more of the blue and white from the American flag, where the accessories are red.

-The top is from forever 21: I really love this shirt! It’s very flow-y and I am in loooove with this color! It was very cheap, somewhere around $10! You do need a bandeau to wear underneath..

-The white bandeau is from Forever 21 as well. I really don’t care for this bandeu because it’s always falling down. Well maybe it’s because I don’t have a big rack…. LOL

-The high-waisted shorts are by Levi and they are super comfortable!!!

-The shoes are cream, crochet Toms and I bought them at Nordstrom’s

-Lastly, the lipstick and nail polish are both from Target. The lipstick is NYC 2in1 colors  in the shade “The Red Hots” and the nail polish is NYC in the shade “Big Apple Red Creme”.



This outfit is more for a casual, stay-at-home Fourth of July outfit. It portrays more of the red and white from the American Flag, where the blue is in the accessories. This one is my favorite, and the one I am probably going to wear.

-The top is from Target, and it is a simple, plain, red, tank top for any occasion. It’s really comfortable, but not extremely cute.

-The shorts are by Joes, and they are just plain, short shorts and are super comfortable and cute!!

-The shoes are just white All-Star Converse and you can probably buy them at most stores, I got these for Christmas, so not sure where they’re from.

-Lastly, the headband thing is from Forever 21, and it just has white stars and is super adorable & the nail polish is Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in the shade “Blew Me Away”.


IMG_1411This final outfit is for those girly girls who like to dress up more. It portrays more of all the colors with a fancier look towards it.

-The top is from Target, but I got it a while ago, and it was this huge, unattractive sleeved shirt, so I cut it so it was a cropped, muscle tank!

-The skirt is from Brandy Melville, and I absolutely loove this skirt, it’s soo pretty and it’s very flow-y.

-The white sandals are from Target

-The blue bow is from Forever 21

-The sparkly nail polish is by NYC in the color “Broadway Burgundy Frost”.


So that’s it!!! Hopefully this helped you know what to wear for the Fourth!!! Most importantly I hope you enjoy whatever you do, and spend the day having all the fun you can with family and friends!!! Ily all!







Blog Update!

          Yay! I’m back! Since its summer, I will start blogging again (: As I said before, I was going to do youtube videos but then I decided not to, for various reasons (maybe in a few years I will) so I deleted all of my posts. On a happy note, I will try and post at least 3-4 times a week! Also, I am going to post a blog later tonight! Please request any blogs you would like for me to do!! I will do a lot of summer themed blogs as well as my day-in-a-blogs that i used to do. Incase you don’t know what those are: day-in-a-blog is when i go somewhere such as Sea World, or the beach, or even the shopping mall for the day, and I blog about what I did the whole day, most of the time with pictures!! (Don’t worry, it sounds a lot better than I’m describing, haha.) As I said before, please comment any requests you would like for me to blog about!! 


Isabella (or you can call me Izzy)